Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana, Cuba, del 09 al 13 de diciembre de 2019
Inicio / Convocatoria


1.    François Dorlhac

Leaf Research Manager for Imperial Tobacco in Bergerac, France.

François DorlhacFrançois holds a PhD in Plant Cell and Molecular Biology from University of Orsay, France.

His current position is Leaf Research Manager for Imperial Tobacco in Bergerac, France. He has been working on tobacco since 1988 and is an expert in Molecular Breeding and GMO detection.

François is coordinator of the CORESTA Proficiency Testing for Detection of Transgenic Tobacco SG and a member of the Scientific Commission.

2.    Marco Prat

Global Product Integrity Director, JT International GmbH, Germany.

Marco PratMarco has a MSc in Agronomy and worked for many years as an agronomist for Universal Leaf Tobacco in Italy. In 2002, he joined the JT International (JTI) Scientific and Regulatory Department with responsibility for the crop protection agent (CPA) residue control programme.

He currently holds the position of Global Product Integrity Director within JTI Global Supply Chain Agronomy.

Marco chairs the Agrochemical Advisory Committee since 2009

3.    Wolf-Dieter Heller,

Editor of the Scientific Journal “Beiträge zur Tabakforschung International / Contributions to Tobacco Research”, Germany

Wolf-Dieter HellerWith a Ph. D. and habilitation in statistics from the Karlsruhe University in Germany, Prof. Heller has held various executive positions in German institutes for statistics and tobacco research associations.

Now retired he created the Institute for Tobacco Research and is the Chairman of the ISO Technical Committee for Toabcco and Toabcco Products TC126.

He has also contributed to statistical work for ACAC and many CORESTA working groups.

4.    Stéphane Colard

CORESTA’s Secretary General.

Stéphane ColardDr Stéphane Colard holds Master’s degrees in Electronics-Science of Materials and in Physics Engineering, and a PhD in Science (optics and semiconductors).

He was Head of Scientific Research & Harm Reduction with Imperial Tobacco. He contributed as an expert in ISO committees, as well as in the CORESTA Scientific Commission.

Stéphane is currently completing an MBA on Corporate and Social Responsibilities, to identify tools to assess the impacts of the tobacco and alternative product sectors on UN Sustainable Development Goals


5.    Ms. Linda Crumpler 
Responsible for global Business Development at Cerulean, USA

Ms. Linda CrumplerShe holds degrees in Chemistry, Medical Technology, and Human Resources and is a certified ISO 17025 Lead Auditor.  She joined R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (RJR) in 1979 and throughout her tenure there held many positions, including Senior Director of Tobacco and Smoke Chemistry and Senior Director of Regulatory Compliance.  Upon leaving RJR in 2008 after more than 29 years of service Linda joined Cerulean, first in a consultancy role and in 2010 as the Business Development Director.

In addition Linda has served several terms on the CORESTA Scientific Commission on both the Smoke Science and Product Technology study groups.  She has been active in CORESTA Taskforces and subgroups since 1995 such as the Sidestream Task Force, LIP Task Force and the sub-committee on harmonization of CO yields. Until recently she served as chair of the Routine Analytical Chemistry Sub-Group and is a member and contributor to the Smoke Analytes Sub-Group (formerly Special Analytes), the Tobacco and Tobacco Products Sub-Group (formerly Smokeless), and the EVAP Sub-Group.  Linda also serves as a technical expert for the U.S. Technical Advisory Group on several ISO committees, and was awarded as a 2015 NAPW Professional Woman of the Year.


6. Lic. Zoe Nocedo Primo.

Lic. Zoe Nocedo PrimoEspecialista Principal. Escuela Ramal del MINTUR, FOMATUR  

Profesora y Jefe de Catedra de Ciencias Sociales en las Escuelas Militares "Camilo Cienfuegos (1970-1996). Directora del Museo del Tabaco de la Oficina del Historiador de la Habana (1999 - 2018). Aspirante a Máster en Conservación y Preservación del Patrimonio Cultural. Premio Habano en Comunicación, Festival del Habano 2019.