Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana, Cuba, del 09 al 13 de diciembre de 2019
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Catherine Poisson
Catherine Poisson

Seed Production and Sales Manager at Bergerac Seed & Breeding, France

Catherine has a PhD in plant biology and physiology from the University of Angers (France)

She was Head of the Bergerac Tobacco Institute Bioprocess and Testing Field teams in charge of plant experimentation, seed production and plant protection products, including abroad missions for the improvement of leaf tobacco production from seedlings to curing.

After the closing of the Institute, she continues this expertise with Bergerac Seed & Breeding.


Eduardo Pulcinelli
Carlos Eduardo Pulcinelli

Full Professor at Federal University of Lavras, Department of Biology. Teaching Genetics, Plant Breeding, and Quantitative Genetics. 

Carlos has a PhD in Agronomy – Genetics and Plant Breeding from the University of São Paulo, and Post-Doctoral in Genetics and Plant Breeding at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil).

He was Head of Tobacco Breeding Centre at British American Tobacco in charge of tobacco breeding and seeds production plant for may years, including the variety development for the BAT leaf growing operations around world. 

After leaving BAT he transferred to the Federal University of Lavras, Department of  Biology, where he has been developing teaching activities in the field of genetics and plant breeding as well as being responsible for the soybean breeding program.


Emilie Julio
Emilie Julio

Applied Genetics Specialist for Imperial Tobacco in Bergerac, France.

“Emilie holds a PhD in Plant Biotechnologies from INP (Institut National Polytechnique) Toulouse, France. Her current position is Applied Genetics Specialist for Imperial Tobacco in Bergerac, France.

She has been working on tobacco since 1999 and has been engaged in

2005 in Bergerac by Altadis, then Imperial Tobacco, to manage projects related to the development of molecular markers for tobacco breeding.

She is involved in Omics and Alkaloids Taskforces of the CORESTA.”